Kato petali

Kato Petali lies between Apollonia and Kastro, and its distinctive traditional architecture is an attraction for visitors.

The parish church of Zoodoxos Pigi (the Source of Life) stands near the center of the village, and is noted for its distinctive paved courtyard, decorated in traditional local style.

Southeast of Kato Petali is the historic monastery of Agios Ioannis Chrysostomos (dating back to before 1650), which was the first Greek school in Sifnos, later rehoused in the School of the Holy Sepulchre as the ‘Ellinomouseion’ of Sifnos, preserving and teaching the Greek language and literature (1835-1854).

In Kato Petali there are rooms to let, a restaurant and as well as the Sifnos Music Academy ‘Frankiski-Psacharopoulou Karori’.



The «silent power» of the Cyclades

Evocative landscapes, lively tradition, and a relax atmophere.
Unforgettable holidays on the island of blance and harmony.

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