Sifnos, the birthplace of Nikolaos Celemente and other chefs, maintains a rich tradition in gastronomy.

At Christmas the houses are made of palm trees (melomakarona) and egg squid (doubles). During the winter, syglina and gel are prepared even today.

A little later, on Halloween, it is the turn of dairy desserts, rice milk, cream or yogurt from goat's or sheep's milk, which is produced in large quantities at this time of year.

And there is no Easter in Sifnos without the smell of roast in the mastelo (lamb or goat cooked in the homonymous clay pot, with red wine and dill baked in a wood oven), without the "birds of Lambri" (a kind of bun) the gingerbread, c It is made from Sifnos boiled "athotyra" (local anthotyro) and local thyme honey.

The joy of the wedding, again, is accompanied by the Sifnos pastel, in a rhomboid shape, and the macaroon of the pot or oven (with or without sugar).

At the traditional festival of Sifnos, with the common dinners reminiscent of ancient food and early Christian love, everyone is offered chickpeas and braised meat with spaghetti, cooked in special large cauldrons, or, on fasting days, fried cod and fried cod.

At the Sunday Sifnos table, the main food is the revythada, which is baked in a clay pot (the skepastaria) for many hours, the previous night, in an oven with branches.

From the Sifnos table there are also chickpea meatballs, caper salad (dry capers cooked as a stew), kalasouna (vegetable pie with rice), manoura (yellow, hard spicy cheese that is preserved in the gly, ie in the dregs of the red wine), and depending on the season hirovoski (wild herbs), mizithra (goat raw cheese with sour taste, ideal for village salad), string beans with garlic, but also dried figs, loli (sweet from red pumpkin), sweets from spoon and fruit liqueur in S, as well as decoctions from the rich flora of the island, such as sage and chamomile.

Sifnos sweets, such as anise cookies, butter cookies, casserole and baked macaroons, pastries, Turkish delights, patties, and spoon cakes, the visitor can find in traditional bakeries and patisseries.



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