Between Apollonia and Exambela lies the village settlement of Katavati, which includes the area of Eleimona, and the church of the same name.

In addition to the parish church of Agios Georgios and the other chapels, of interest here is the church of Panagia ‘Aggelochtistis’, which according to legend, was built and operated by angels.

Further south on the main road to Vathi stands the monastery of Fyrogia (16th century) which was restored in the 1970s by the Hellenic Environment and Culture Society, for which Greece received its first ‘Europa Nostra’ Cultural Heritage Award. In recent years, every summer various cultural events and activities are organized in the monastery.

The philosopher and great theologian Apostolos Makrakis were born here, and he is buried in the chapel of Evaggelistria (the Annunciation) and there is a marble bust in the square near the bus stop.

Near Katavati there are grocery stores, a florist, service station, rooms to let, a hotel, and a restaurant.



The «silent power» of the Cyclades

Evocative landscapes, lively tradition, and a relax atmophere.
Unforgettable holidays on the island of blance and harmony.

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